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Income Taxes

Divorce can complicate the already complicated area of federal income taxation. It is important to have an attorney that understands the seemingly convoluted intricacies of the Internal Revenue Code. Brandon Bell is dually licensed as an attorney and a CPA.

Adding to the complexity of the Internal Revenue Code (from which we acquire our rules for federal income tax), is the fact that the rules for divorce come from our state legislature, while our rules for federal taxation are made at the national level. It is important in family law to make decisions that make good financial sense taking into consideration the views of the IRS. Also, the IRS has special rules that apply to divorced and separated spouses. It should be noted here that legal separation does not exist in Texas, but that the IRS may deem parties separated in some circumstances.

The following non-routine accounting and tax issues may arise during divorce, custody, property division, and support cases:

  • Tax Returns during Divorce and in the Year Divorce is Final
  • Tax Consequences of Alimony
  • Recapture Rules associated with Alimony
  • Child Support Payments
  • Filing Status and Dependency Exemptions
  • Medical Expense Deductions for divorce parents
  • Tax Refund Intercept for Child Support Payments
  • Division of Marital Property
  • Division of Retirement Benefits and Preparation of Qualified Domestic Relations Orders
  • Special Rules associated with Community Property
  • Deductibility of Legal and Accounting fees
  • Estimated Tax associated with receiving alimony payments
  • General advice for newly divorced spouses with no experience preparing tax returns
  • Advice on divorce settlement options (time value of money considerations)
  • Home sale exclusion
  • Innocent Spouse provisions
  • Basic Business Valuation issues in Family Cases

These issues and many more routinely surface during divorce, custody, property divisions, adoptions, and other family law matters. The complexities associated with these matters along with the often distressing nature of family law make it very important to have an advocate with sufficient experience to counsel one through this potential minefield.

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