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Under Texas law, a waiting period of 30 days exists for divorced parties wishing to remarry a third party. There is no waiting period for former spouses wishing to marry each other.

Some believe that a second marriage is far more likely to succeed because of the "learning experience" of the first marriage. In fact, the divorce rate for remarriages is higher than first marriages. Counseling may be helpful to avoid becoming a statistic of this phenomenon.

If you have children, you should be especially careful when considering a marriage to someone other than the person you share the parenting rights with. No matter how secure you believe this person to be, make sure no skeletons are in his or her closet that could jeopardize your status as managing conservator of your child. Non-custodial parents wishing to gain the primary custody of a child will often do extensive background checks on their former spouse's new husband or wife (the new stepparent) hoping to achieve an advantage in a suit to modify the parent-child relationship. You should be as informed about your soon-to-be spouse as you possibly can.

Alimony goes away on the remarriage of the obligee. In other words, if you are receiving spousal maintenance from a prior marriage, your ex-spouse's obligation to pay maintenance terminates if you remarry. Also, cohabitating with another person may be enough to cause the termination. Termination under the cohabitation clause is subject to a hearing by the Court.

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