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Grandparents' Rights

Sometimes the grandparents of a child are so involved with the child that they wish to become legally entitled to some of the rights that parents are generally awarded. In Texas there is a presumption that the best interest of a child is served by awarding custody to a natural parent. However, there are a number of circumstances where a grandparent may be entitled to some or all of the rights and duties of a parent. A grandparent may bring a suit to become a managing conservator of a child if 1) The child's environment with the parents or current managing conservator presents a question concerning the child's physical health or emotional welfare, 2) Both parents or the surviving parent or the current managing conservator consents, or 3) Both parents are deceased. Grandparents wishing to request custody or visitation with a child should seek the advice of an attorney as soon as they become aware of a possible conflict involving the child or wish to explore their rights.

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