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How much will your services cost me?

Always a difficult question, and rarely can the costs of representation be determined prior to a consultation. The question becomes more difficult when other professionals are necessary in a family law matter. Sometimes accountants, mediators, appraisers, or counselors are called upon in a divorce or custody matter. As for your attorney, the answer depends on a number of factors. Attorneys are paid for their time, and the amount of time spent on a case varies. Time is charged in increments of 6 minutes. For example, a five minute phone call will result in a charge of .1 hours whereas a seven minute phone call will result in a charge of .2 hours. The total time spent on a case can be affected by the client, the opposing party (usually the spouse or ex-spouse in family law matters), the opposing counsel, and the number of issues that are contested.

A retainer fee will be requested to begin representation in a family law mattter. The fee structure will be explained more thoroughly at the initial consultation.

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